About HALO

HALO is a children’s foundation that supports and advises others dealing with bereavement.

We at HALO aim to provide advice, information and inspiration to anyone dealing with bereavement and their family.

A fun monthly Group will be held on a Saturday, where children can mix, play and develop,
in which we intend to support as many children and their families as possible…

HALO aims to provide relief from the effects of bereavement to children up to 18 years old who have suffered the loss of
someone close to them, this could include, parents, grandparents, siblings or even a close friend who is now missing from
their life.

The charity knows that it can never make up for the loss of a love one but it hopes to be able to help the children to
smile again and believe that life is a beautiful place for them to be in.

HALO is all about helping the children to know it is ok to laugh and smile again and the charity aims to
provide positive experiences and offer ways to build new happy memories so the children feel
secure and loved.

The charity can support children who are dealing with bereavement in many different ways, our
monthly Group will be an opportunity for parent and carers to meet with others whilst children
get involved in creative and expressive Arts and play and make friends with other children
dealing with the same loss.

We will have child play therapist and other professionals available to help support these
families and get involved in our activities.

With funding and donations we aim to support our monthly group for bereaved families and then
go on to open a bereavement centre where children and families can come together to meet.  T
his money raised will also fund trips for families to create new memories together but also because losing a loved one, especially a parent can cause a financial strain they may not have the opportunity to do this.

HALO is a non profit making charity.
Charity Registration Number: 1166863